Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ice Skating Birthday Invitations

Celebrate a winter birthday with an Ice Skating birthday party. Whether you have a hockey player or a figure skater on your hands, an ice skating party is sure to please. Head out to your local ice rink for a few hours and then head back home to continue the celebrations.

Don't forget to include lots of hot cocoa to serve after the skating!

Winter Party Food Ideas

It can be fun to prepare and serve party food that fits your theme. For a Winter Party, try foods that are white like the snow, cold like the weather, or shaped like the snowmen outside!
Make popcorn balls in three different sizes and before they cool completely, stack the three sizes on top of each other to create edible popcorn snowmen!
Make cookie snowballs by baking sugar cookies cut with a circle shape, and frosting them in white frosting. For those who like it, sprinkle coconut on top.
Serve an all-white veggie and cheese tray with a white dip like ranch dressing. Try jicama, cauliflower, and mushrooms for the veggies, and mozzarella, swiss, and provolone for cheese.
Make edible snowballs by freezing round scoops of vanilla ice cream for at least 2 hours, then rolling them in coconut.
Freeze blue Kool-Aid in ice cube trays. Serve a punch bowl of ginger ale and float the blue "ice caps" on top.
Make an easy winter-themed cake by using a round cake pan and blue frosting. Then pipe snowflakes on with white frosting and sprinkle with white edible glitter or coconut.

Boy's Ice Skating Party Custom Invitations
Boy's Ice Skating Party Custom Invitations by wingding
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5 x 7 Ice Skating | Birthday Party Invite
5 x 7 Ice Skating | Birthday Party Invite by PinkMoonPaperie
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