Sunday, December 8, 2013

Astronaut Birthday Invitations

rocketship cake

3...2...1...BLAST OFF!  Is your little one obsessed with rockets and astronauts, well then look no further. The invites featured below will get you started with putting together an out of this world birthday party. Starting with a great invitation is key, however don't forget about the decorations, food, party favors, games and activites.

Invitations designed by:Eventful Cards

Party Favor Ideas
Space Party Favor Ideas

Thank your guests with out of this world party favors! To find a large variety of Space party favors, visit our Space party page and click the "Party Favors" tab or the "More Fun Stuff" tab. Some of the favors we have include:
Wind up space toys
Space activity books
Space bounce balls
Space goo
Space helmets
Space Ice Cream
Alien toys
Space slingshot rockets

rocket - tag says, "Thanks for coming. I hope you had a blast!"

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