Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sleepover Birthday Invitations

If your little girl decides she wants a sleepover party for her birthday this year, it can be really fun to do. Throw a fun-filled sleepover party that your child will remember, Start with these featured sleepover birthday invitations that you can customize with your information. Invitations by: Eventful Cards

Sleepover Party! Buttercream-frosted cake with fondant accents.  From a video ;0)

Make sure to provide all of your guests with pillows, blankets etc. or make sure they bring their own and of course their PJ's, toothbrush and their favorite stuffed animal!

You can stick with the basics, or add other items to fit your theme. For example, for a Sleepover Party, you may also want to consider watching a movie. Here are our picks for perfect movies to watch at a sleepover:

High School Musical (Rated G)
Enchanted (Rated PG)
The Love Bug (Rated G)
The Princess Diaries (Rated G)
Parent Trap (Rated G)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Rated PG)
Over the Hedge (Rated PG)

Sleepover Party Favor Ideas

Put a smile on your guests' faces by sending them home with party favors that fit your theme. You could give one large favor, such as a CD or DVD, or combine smaller favors such as:
A pillowcase
Lotion, lip gloss and nail polish
Costume jewelry

party favor           slumber party toiletry bag favors.. for KK and Jers sleep overs at the grandparents house :)

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