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Mermaid Birthday Invitations

Looking at throwing a mermaid birthday party for your little girl. Here are some ideas to help you along the way. From party games to favors & goodie bags., hope these ideas inspire your next party!


The invitations featured below will help you get on your way. Let your guests know that Under the Sea is the theme for this party, they'll soon be excited! 

The more decorations the merrier. Make sure your guests know the theme as soon as they arrive. You can spend a lot of money on decorations or keep them on the cheap. Here are a few ideas. Stick with the blues and greens for this under the sea bash!

To transform your party area into a mystical, under-the-sea wonderland, consider these options:
Scatter seashells, sand dollars and plastic starfish and seahorses on the tables and windowsills around the party area.
Cover the ceiling, walls and floor with transparent cellophane wrap to give the impression of being underwater.
Hang a banner near the entrance to the party. Check out our>personalized mermaid banner and let us do the work for you.
Tie groups of three or four balloons together and tie them to the backs of chairs. Anchor them with balloon weights and set them near doorways or in the corners of the party area. Scatter blue, non-helium balloons around the floor.
Fill fish tanks or fish bowls with water and plastic sea creatures, such as fish, crabs, and starfish.

Photo 81 of 103: Mermaids / Under The Sea featuring Dora Mermaid / Birthday "Aliyah's 3rd Birthday Under the Sea Adventure featuring Mermaid Dora " | Catch My Party                      Little Mermaid Birthday Ideas


Cake...everyone's favorite! Make sure the cake you choose sticks with the party theme. Check these out!

Mermaid BirthdayLittle Mermaid birthday cake   got to do one year for reagan bdayMermaid Birthday Party

Party Food

It can be fun for the host and the guests to include theme-specific treats during the party. For a mermaid theme, consider the following ideas:
Serve blue jello in clear cups. Before the jello sets, add a gummy fish to each cup.
Let your guests get creative by making and decorating dough dolls to eat or take home.
Serve goldfish crackers, sour gummy fish and octopi, and chocolate turtles in large, clean, plastic seashells.
Cook seashell-shaped pasta and serve chilled with a little butter.
Use cookie cutters to cut fish and seashell shapes out of peanut butter sandwiches, cheese slices, watermelon, and apple slices.
Serve soda, water, fruit punch, blue gatorade, or nanaberry smoothies with silly straws.

Tint cream cheese with blue food coloring and spread on bagels cut into fourths. Add one goldfish cracker to each.

{Under the Sea} Gorgeous Mermaid Birthday Party Love the cookies and using the Christmas ornaments to put sand and shells in!  little mermaid birthday party food ideas - Google Search  Mermaid Cupcake. The tail was made with Wilten Candy Melts, but I bet you could also just melt some white chocolate chips, mix in a little green food coloring, draw the tail shape, add some sprinkles, and let it cool and harden.(im gonna try to make tail from fried tortilla shell with green sprinkles..just a lil fyi..)

Favors & Goodie Bags

Blowfish squirts
Stickers and sticker books
Bath and body gel
Squishy sea creatures
Costume jewelry

Fun-shaped candy and lollipops

Or make your own DIY favors!

Mermaid Wands  Mermaid Birthday Star wands at Super Target $2.00 ea. Add ribbon  Miley Minutes: Mermaid Birthday Party

Project Nursery - Mermaid Party Under the Sea Birthday Party -  Favors #Mermaid #Party #Sea #Birthday #Favor

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